Deleting an expense/stock entry line

Ctrl+D will delete the whole line.


The F1 key will take you to context sensitive HELP section, or alternatively, from the menu’s ‘Help’, select the ‘Help Topics’ section.

New Computer – Moving Data

To move data, on your old PC insert a memory stick/USB drive then go to ‘User Options’, ‘Backup ALL to USB’, when the backup is complete insert the USB memory device into the new PC without running Accounts and open/explore ‘(My) Computer’, then open/explore the USB device, locate and double click a file called ‘Restore_Timesave’ (batch file type) which will open a black command prompt box, press any key, when the restore has completed insert and install the latest Accounts CD.

Overlapping Accounts

(i.e. forgot to start a new year or VAT quarters non-aligned) Backup your data, then start a new Account year, in the now new empty accounts year recover the year just backed up ‘User Options’ / ‘Restore Data (from backup)’, then delete the account periods that were in the old account year via ‘End of Year’, ‘Delete weeks/months’.

Refunds on Expense or Stock

Enter as a normal entry but with negative values by entering a negative amount into the bank (or cash) column and also with negative values in the VAT breakdown box.

Refunds on Sales

Itemizing Sales refunds (not normally required as sales are usually entered as net) can be found under ‘User Options’, ‘Sales Types’ and set a line as Refunds with a atick in the ‘Tick if a deduction’ column. Sale refund lines may be required for each vat band in use.

Refunds Other

Other refunds (that are non expense, stock or sales related) can be entered into the Cash or Bank Income section via the ‘Other misc. income’ where you enter a short description and amount of refund received.

Re-open Return Sent ‘Status’ periods (blocked entry)

Press Ctrl+Q keys together on the Account period selection screen, then ‘Y’ on the ‘Reopen closed periods’ prompt, this will then allow the periods to be changed.

Standing Orders & Direct Debits

In the Expense and Stock templates only, click into the bank column and press ‘S’ and then enter the ‘When Paid’ information which should normally be after the last account period entered.

VAT Return Adjustment

Can be entered when ‘Calculating a VAT Return’ or manually adjust the figures when ‘Submitting a calculated VAT return’. Alternatively a VAT only input may also be used through an expense or stock line entry.

VAT Quarters Non Aligned to ACCOUNT YEAR

Dependant on your VAT scheme you may have to manually add 2 different periods before submitting, or overlap your account years for the purpose of calculating the non aligned VAT quarter (see: ‘FAQ Overlapping Accounts’).

Two Sets of ACCOUNTS On The Same Computer

Browse the latest installation CD and run the ‘2nd_Accounts_SetUp’ application.

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