Accounts Tour

Pressing the F1 key from within Timesaver Programs (Payroll shown) will access the context sensitive help, normally taking you to the most relevant section of the help.

The following shows a few of the main entry boxes normally used during accounts entry, there are many more.

Below are the main Account menu options, sub-menus are not shown.

The ‘Accounts’ section menu:

The ‘Reports’ section of the menu where most information for your accounts/accountant is produced (along with the ‘Profit and Loss’ under the ‘End of Year’ section):

Menu section showing the ‘User options’ where templates etc. can be created.

The ‘VAT parameters’ section of the menu.

The ‘End of Year’ section for the ‘Profit and Loss etc.

The main account period selection box showing up to four banks and cash closing balances.

All VAT retailer schemes are covered.

The ‘Sales’ entry box – sales types can be customized along with the headers to the sales amounts (default is days of the week).

The ‘Expenses’ entry box.

The ‘Stock purchases’ entry box.

The bank balance and entry box.

Up to 6 service/commission type sales can be used – with their associated INS and OUTS.

The above are just a few of account’s main entry boxes, there are many more, including VAT reports, Bank Summaries, Bank Statement ‘tick-lists’, Cash summary, plus numerous others.

Entering accounts and extracting VAT payments will take little time and there are many shortcuts on entry and templates to save repetitive entries each account period.

For a better look please request a free no obligation Trial CD for Accounts (and Payroll) from R.J.Software (see ‘order trial’ or ‘contact us’).

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